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Secure Development Lifecycle Program (SDLP)

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Summary: This program defines how we develop ZCM Secure products and components. The program describes the design, development, testing, packing, and QA and releasing of products and components which are developed by WisePlant Group LLC.

Secure Development Lifecycle Program (SPLP)
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This document is currently under development.

The SDLP has been prepared to comply with ISA/IEC-62443-4-1 of ISA, the International Society for Automation, toward a goal of uniformity in the development of secure products. To be of real value, this program should not be static but should be subject to periodic review. Toward this end, WisePlant Group LLC welcomes all comments and criticisms and asks that they be addressed.

The program defines and specifies process requirements for the secure development of products used in industrial automation and control systems. It defines a secure development life-cycle (SDL) for developing and maintaining secure products. This life-cycle includes security requirements definition, secure design, secure implementation (including coding guidelines), verification and validation, defect management, patch management and product end-of-life. These requirements can be applied to new or existing processes for developing, maintaining and retiring hardware, software, or firmware for new or existing products. These requirements apply to the in-house and out-house resources involved in the development and support of the ZCM System.

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