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Technical Support Services

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To respond to commercial inquiries required by our customers (new or existing), we request that you place your orders formally, through an account executive or through the contact channels reported on our website. Our sales staff will answer your questions as quickly as possible. All quotations and proposals which are issued by WiseGroup and its Partners must go through a review and approval of the competent technical area that knows the products and systems that are being considered. If the technical solution is susceptible to doubt, either because the minimum necessary contact details of the final recipient are not available (application, project, industry, territory, etc.). Or because complete technical information is not available, the formal quotation may have requested will not be issued.

Exclusive Support for Partners and System Integrators – Commercial Technical Support

Technical Support Services 2The technical assistance service for commercial management is available (free of charge) only to Partners or System Integrators in any of its categories (Agent, Registered, Certified or Premier). Our team of experienced professionals will technically assist in the evaluation of applications and selection of the best technical solution, only to commercial professionals (with price lists) who have previously registered or who are under the Integrators program. On some occasions, and depending on the complexity or the business, we involve the factory to grant the end user Guarantee of the Application, or to ensure that the technical proposal contains the highest level of analysis and recommendation possible.

Specialized Technical Assistance to Customers and Installed Base – Technical Support

Technical Support Services 3Regular technical support service is available to WiseGroup customers or users of the systems and products of which we are representatives in the assigned territory. This service is provided free of charge under strict quality control. To access this service, users must demonstrate that they are owners of products or systems on which they are making their technical inquiries. If we consider it necessary, we will request serial numbers of the equipment, identification of the software licenses, place where the purchase has been made, etc. Other options of contracted and subscribed services are available to provide our customers with a service tailored to their needs. For critical infrastructure industries, the safety of their workers, the availability of their systems and the continuity of their operations safely is of vital importance. For these reasons, additional preventive, predictive and corrective maintenance services are often necessary and available upon consultation, including:

Product Repair (Requires MRA)
Maintenance by passive or active guards
Software License Upgrade and Priority Support
Options for managed and unmanaged emergency stock
Technical Support Services 4
Maximum customer satisfaction – What is our difference?

Technical Support Services 5Our differentiation is about providing you with the best possible customer experience in selecting the products, systems, and services for your critical infrastructure and applications. In making sure that you are 100% satisfied with the instruments, equipment, systems we provide, services we provide and the attention you receive from us. We carefully design some features of our service that no one else provides you and that will surely be of value to you and your company.

Help, support, guidance, recommendation, evaluation, etc. – Adequate Assistance

Technical Support Services 6Our highly trained specialists will help you with the selection of the right equipment, model, instrument or service, helping to save money, time and avoid frustrations. Technical support is available during all stages of your project, starting in the commercial phase until the last moment of life. See application guarantee.

From factory to plant door – Factory Warranty

Technical Support Services 7Shop with confidence and get a minimum factory warranty on products and services purchased through WisePlant plus a number of additional free technical support features in your local language, calendar, and time zone. During the factory warranty period, all costs associated with shipping and replenishment of the product are covered by WiseGroup, in addition to technical assistance.

We guarantee the solution and its specific application – Guarantee of Application

Technical Support Services 8The guarantee of application must be expressly included in the quotation and at the time of accepting your order. If the product or system does not meet the guaranteed expectations of the application, it may be returned for a refund or cancellation of your total or partial purchase. The application warranty is available to WiseGroup customers only when the products have been selected and the application has been evaluated by a WiseGroup technical specialist.

Fast, predictable and secure – Deliveries

Technical Support Services 9Despite how complex imports into South American territory can sometimes be, we make this transparent to our customers with real-time information on the location and estimated date of arrival/delivery with foreseeable times. We have options for Door-to-Door delivery service, even for large cargo sizes. In addition to the regional offices, we have two logistics centers located in the United States and Uruguay for the management of orders in South America.

Reliable and safe open book operations – B2B+B2C+B2S

Technical Support Services 10The SecureCloud platform allows the members involved to work focused on the same objectives, the success of the results. Each quote, order, project, service, support becomes a collaborative workspace preserving the roles of each of the members (manufacturer, consultant, integrator, end user, administrative, quality control, technical support, etc.) We support all modalities, including corporate agreements, system integrators, etc. Contact us to learn more.

Digital Content Library – Online Resources

Technical Support Services 11Through our SecureCloud digital content platform, registered users access a wealth of resources, tutorials, technical guides, manuals, use cases, reviews, comments, and experiences in private forums and online technical support 24 hours a day. All the useful information for when you need it. Including license information, history of your purchases, access to training courses, and many more.

Guards, audits, certification, diagnostics, maintenance, and others – Maintenance Services

Technical Support Services 12We have various options of technical assistance services tailored to our customers with passive and active guards, preventive and corrective diagnostic services, management of emergency spare parts in the factory, in the plant or in our offices. Safety audits, certification, maintenance services among other options. For more information, consult our sales department.

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