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Code of Ethics (CoE)

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Summary: At WisePlant we consider integrity as the highest value that sets us apart. To live our principles and values and therefore comply with this code, we are people of high moral quality and it is natural to comply with it, leading by example.

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At WisePlant we consider integrity as the highest value that sets us apart.

To live our principles and values and therefore comply with this code, we are people of high moral quality, and it is natural to comply with it, leading by example.

Compliance with the provisions of our code of ethics will lead us always to have the satisfaction of having acted loyally with both our company and with our stakeholders honestly, both personally and professionally.

With our Customers

For WisePlant the satisfaction of our customers is essential to our success. Therefore, the quality and safety of our products and our services are the main commitment with them.

Our customers are our strategic partners, and that is why we strive to make our business proposal conducive to their growth and development. In our dealings with customers, there is no room for any kind of corruption, bribery, favoritism, or any activity that is contrary to morality.

With our Shareholders and Investors

We seek to establish the best corporate practices to provide total transparency and certainty for our shareholders. We are convinced that good corporate management strengthens the mandate of the shareholders of a company that is managed, socially responsible, efficient, and profitable, and therefore we strive to be a model of management. Our commitment is to provide our shareholders and partners with a reasonable return on their investment, steadily creating value in the long term.

Our company meets, according to the legislation, with the information needed to make decisions for our shareholders and partners on a consistent, uniform and known basis. This information is always based on transparent and clear accounting standards based.

We use the resources in a prudent, cost-effective manner, observing the highest ethical standards in all operations that we perform.

With our Partners

At WiseGroup we aim to ensure that all our employees are respected and to find adequate space for both professional and staff development. Dealing with our partners is based on respect and trust.

We respect individuality, that each person has a unique value. We recognize that your individual contribution is indispensable for the team in which it operates. Not only that, but we do not allow that there is no discrimination either by age, race, religion, sex, sexual preference, or any condition that is protected by the laws of the community in which we operate.

Furthermore, we are committed to fostering the development of our staff and to fostering the appreciation of the highest moral values and ethical standards. We transmit and spread our values and principles through our behavior.

We recognize that trust is the basis for a close and long-lasting relationship, and that this is based on the integrity of the person.

At WiseGroup, we believe in the good faith of the other unless proven otherwise. We do not tolerate any harassment or conditioning personnel, nor that the success of a person is dependent on favoritism or bribery.

Our commitment is to maintain an environment of working against harassment, including language or behavior that may be intimidating, discriminatory and/or offensive.

We understand that this position of respect will provide our staff with security in their jobs and allow them to rely on the company and their tasks with dedication.

We provide staff with relevant facilities to develop their talents and skills and to apply them to take greater responsibility, within the opportunities that are presented to them.

Furthermore, we are committed to providing a safe working environment and to preserving the physical and mental health of our collaborators. Moreover, to keep in mind the safety of customers, suppliers, and the social environment in which we carry out our operations.

We recognize the importance of transmitting to our partners the information they require for the performance of their duties. Only being involved with the objectives and priority projects of the company can achieve the same with professionalism and enthusiasm.

It is our fundamental commitment that where there is any labors Association respects its independence provided represents the legitimate interests of workers, looking for relationships to be partnership and mutual benefit.

Any relationship with labor organizations should strictly adhere to the legal provisions of the community in which the company operates.

When we integrate a contributor to WiseGroup, this is committed to responsible and legitimate use of the information to which it has access, always keeping the confidentiality and security of information as secret and intellectual property of the Company. Even if any contributor for any reason stops working for WisePlant, you must maintain this commitment, which is fastened by professional ethics and by observation of the laws of the countries where we operate.

We hope that all the staff work for of the company and of all those who integrate, while our decision-making is affected by any factor favoring interests unrelated to the efficiency and the achievement of our goals.

To avoid conflicts between personal interests and those of the group that arise and to lead to a solution in case required. All WiseGroup employees have a responsibility to declare any financial or other interest in nature, which may come into conflict with the company.

If any collaborator considers that there are personal interests which may impact your performance at work or in their decision-making, it shall communicate it in writing to the director.

Any collaborator can or must have some financial interest, work, consultant, or otherwise take part in a business competitor, supplier, or customer.

In WisePlant we do not bribe, we do not receive favors or money to grant benefits to anyone. We clearly understand that, to prevent these acts, we must remove any anomaly, so there is no reason to fall into corruption.

Bribe to obtain some benefit does not help at all to the Group and puts it in a profoundly serious situation, preventing their advance.

Receiving money, gifts, or favors profoundly affects the results and calls into question the reputation of the company and all of us. These actions are illegal and may constitute a criminal offense.

Family members of employees of WiseGroup may work within the company provided the nature of your relationship does not alter the performance of their work, nor the employment relationship between contributor and company.

With our Suppliers

Our suppliers are committed to honest and fair negotiations without discrimination or impositions.

All providers will always be treated with respect, fairness, trust, and affection. Our commitment is a treatment that includes not only the respect of people who represent providers but providing information of the results of the invitations to tender so that these processes are transparent and fair.

All the proposals that our suppliers will be reviewed comprehensively considering the price, value, quality, and service offering.

We provide the highest value to fair competition in the process of evaluation for the selection of the best.

We are committed to protecting the rights of suppliers in which corresponds to the confidentiality of the information provided, hoping, in return, that providers meet WisePlant policies at the same time.

Furthermore, we believe that one of our main commitments to our suppliers is the timely payment for their services and products. For this purpose, we establish clear agreements relating to payment terms and define stable, simple, and transparent processes that do not provide interpretations or bad practices.

Committed to promoting the legality of operations, we are careful that our suppliers do not engage in illegal practices such as money laundering, breach of their fiscal, environmental, or social obligations. Such as payment of social security, taxes, or work of minors, in accordance with the legislation of the country. WisePlant will not hold any business relationship with those providers that engage in such practices.

WisePlant encourages the care of the environment and biodiversity and therefore expects that its suppliers also do so

In WiseGroup we seek to benefit from the supplier only corresponding to the same bargaining in question, without personal gain at the expense of the allocation of contracts and for the purchase of goods and/or services. In general, our relationships with suppliers are based on mutual trust, and we aim to make the shopping experience satisfactory and free of all kinds of corruption.

Any questionable situation must be reported immediately to the direct supervisor in writing and of course before making any transaction. Supporting this concept, we do involve our suppliers in our principle of personal integrity and therefore ask that they take responsibility for not offering rewards or gifts to our collaborators.

We also put at your disposal a space to express their comments, suggestions, and complaints in a framework of confidentiality.

We are committed to thoroughly reviewing each case and acting accordingly. This space is available before, during and after the relationship of supplier-customer assuming we will act rightly, and without affecting the interests of the parties if the complaints originate.

With our Competition

At WisePlant we are committed to competing in the market based on price, quality, and service, in a framework of integrity, regarding our competitors in every way.

Any advertising or promotion is based on the truth and complying with the legislation of each country in competition.

We compete through quality, service, and business strategy, consistent with our principles and values.

We respect our competitors and whenever we must talk about them use information based on facts. All comparison with the competition will be done using accurate terms, unqualified and without using information or misleading argument.

With the Government

We stay informed of the laws of each country in which we operate, adapting our rules and regulations so as not to incur any violation of them. This principle applies to all areas of business, universally. Breaking the law is a crime that can lead you to the company, not only economic damage but also deterioration in its image.

To have presence in countries with cultures and laws, seek to understand and respect the Customs and local practices. To the extent that does not violate the law, are not contradictory to our principles and values and are not against the established in this code.

We are not for any ideological or partisan affiliation but encourage civic collaboration in professional associations and encourage the responsible exercise of political rights.

The participation of partners in political and/or electoral processes will be entirely personal and may not include contributions of time, financial support and resources that belong to the group.

When a contributor chooses to participate in politics, contribute and give their opinion, it will do so as an individual and must not give the appearance of being acting in name and/or representation of WisePlant.

With the Society

We recognize respect for the society in which we are immersed. It is she whom we owe and for whom we work. Therefore, promote volunteerism among our staff, and we are committed, and support the principles and values that give sustenance to the community with our work and everyday attitudes.

We are committed to the social and economic growth of the communities where they are in our subsidiaries through the creation and maintenance of decent and productive jobs.

We train our employees and invest in the training of our personnel, and we do everything possible to keep the work of those who perform their functions properly and maintain a positive attitude.

Furthermore, we are committed to all our campaigns promoting the strengthening of universal ethical values such as the family unit, the physical and emotional integrity of people, respect for the rights of the child. To individuals with disabilities, or senior citizens of any ethnicity or social status.

We promote among our staff the meticulous care of the environment and biodiversity and recognize responsible practices in their daily work.

With the Productivity

We are committed to carrying out all our processes of business under the principle of austerity. The collaborators are committed to safeguarding the assets of the company.

We are committed to the protection of intellectual property, represented by information systems and schemes of commercialization, including financial information, products, and personnel.

The use of the assets will be allocated to the business object, and it is forbidden to make any other use of them.

All members of WiseGroup are obliged to denounce any deviation that is our knowledge.


Violations of this code are subject to sanctions.

The severity of sanctions referred depends on the severity of the fouls committed, as well as if they derived from negligent or fraudulent actions.

We consider it a violation of this code not to sanction non-compliance to the same.

Sanctions range from reprimand in writing, dismissal, even criminal (in your case) to a complaint before the competent authorities.

Sanctions are imposed by the top level who has committed the lack advised by Legal and human resources areas.

Doubts about the existence of a violation of this code, the available evidence is valid and evaluates human resources and internal audit areas rather than imposing the penalty corresponding to the possible offender.

The observance of this code is strictly enforced.

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