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WBS Framework Methodology (WBS)

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Industrial cybersecurity Management program (ICSMP)

Mandatory, Optional and Complementary Activities

WBS Framework Management activities to be executed at End Users (Assets Owners) are grouped as follows.

  • GOV: Governance
  • ASSESS: Risk Assessment Phase
  • IMPLEMENT: Design & Implementation of Security Phase
  • MAINTAIN: Operation, Monitoring & Maintenance of Security Phase
  • COMPLEMENTARY: Optional activities or Complementary
  • TRAIN: Training Activities belonging to Governance

This newer version of the WBS Framework introduces considerable improvements that dramatically impact in the way that End Users and Systems Integrators see and implement Industrial Cybersecurity. The Return of Investment in industrial cybersecurity is granted.

We have packed together decades of safety and security knowledge, bringing a lot of clarity to the surface for being successful in securing the IACS’s and protecting all the valuable assets at a minimum cost, for the maximum benefit while streamlining resources by more than 60%.

We have an important message for you, “Don’t spend in wrong initiatives. Invest in the right decisions that mitigates intolerable risk efficiently and effectively”.

Industrial Cybersecurity Lifecycle for IACS

ISA/IEC-62443 series defines Five Security Levels (SLs: 0,1,2,3 and 4) each one with different technological security requirements. There are different Levels of Security that will be used during the phases of the cybersecurity life cycle:

  • ASSESS Phase: Risk Assessment,
  • IMPLEMENT Phase: Designing & Implementing the Security, and
  • MAINTAIN Phase: Safe and Secure peace of mind Operation & Maintenance.

The phases of the cybersecurity life cycle must be sequential, since the output of each phase will be the input of the other. Skipping some step of the methodology will jeopardize the effectiveness of the Industrial Cybersecurity Program, as explained in the document below.

WBS Framework Methodology (WBS) 1

WBS Cybersecurity Framework Simplified

For a detailed view of the WBS cybersecurity framework, you must have user access capability. With the correct user access, visit here.

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