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Modeling Zones and Conduits for Industrial Cyber Risk Management on Systems under Consideration (SUC)

  • January 15, 2024 - January 17, 2024
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Modeling Zones and Conduits for Industrial Cyber Risk Management on Systems under Consideration (SUC)

Whether you are working on an existing system which can be a very old one with urgent need of security (better late than never), or you are working in the early stages of engineering of a new system that requires proper definition of zones and conduits (the sooner, the better), you need to understand zones and conduits and how to deal with the new security context.

Every professional who designs, configure and maintains any type of control systems, need to manage zones and conduits and deal with the security requirements. Develop the necessary skills, even if they not into industrial cybersecurity.

Understanding zones and conduits is not exclusive to an industrial cybersecurity expert. If you are dedicated to control systems, you must learn what zones and conduits are, why they are necessary, how to implement the requirements. Security requirements are becoming a fundamental, intrinsic part of the control system, which will have a significant contribution to the security of the system and safety of the plant.

Cybersecurity in industrial systems is no longer an exception. Automation professionals must develop the competencies and incorporate the basic knowledge, even if they are electrical engineers of the old school of relays.

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