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We have started a reengineering of WisePlant Group 1

We have started a reengineering of WisePlant Group

Pompano Beach, Florida, USA (August 3, 2020) – WisePlant Group LLC, a global provider of industrial solutions in automation and secure energy, industrial cybersecurity, asset safety, functional safety, intrinsic safety and worker safety, announces that it has reengineered the company and its core businesses.

WisePlant, founded in South America and headquartered in Pompano Beach, Florida, USA, It has provided customized security and cybersecurity services and solutions to South America’s leading mission-critical process and industry companies since its inception in 2012.

The company specializes in Industrial Cybersecurity and Industrial Critical Infrastructures, through its independent divisions WisePlant, WiseSecurity and WiseCourses Academy, based on the ISA/IEC-62443 series of industrial automation and control system (IACS) security standards. WisePlant’s mission is to provide the proactive capabilities and defenses needed to mitigate serious security risks.

Last June 2020, motivated and driven by the circumstances that continue to affect the whole world, the managers have made a strategic business decision. Several of the solutions and services that they had been offering and providing successfully, were greatly affected by the crisis generated as a result of COVID-19.

WisePlant had originally been conceived in 2012, to represent, import and market in South America products from leading manufacturers in mission-critical, an activity that has been successful for 8 years.

The most significant changes are:

  1. Enhance and dedicate the greatest efforts and resources in the development of the “Zones & Conduits Manager™”, the result of 2 years of investment, research, design and development. Soon, the company will be announcing the official release of version 2.0 with functionalities of great value and benefit for industrialists.
  2. Reduction of the portfolio distributed in South America. Technical and commercial support will continue to be given to the installed base, but limited to specific applications, without maintaining responsibility for all the product lines of the companies represented.
  3. We will increase our presence in the United States of America and at the same time we will reduce our direct presence in South America to develop System Integrators with a new business model.

WisePlant was the first company in South America to become a member and supporter of the ISASecure® certification program that evaluates industrial automation and control products and systems to ensure that they are robust against network attacks, free of known vulnerabilities and that they meet the security functions defined in the ISA/IEC-62443 standards. WisePlant has also collaborated with ISA to educate industry leaders in South America on ISA/IEC-62443 standards and standards-based ISA training courses.

“We are aware of the needs and opportunities that the new normal requires of us. A few years ago, we started a process of research and development in new solutions. This year 2020 we will become manufacturers, and for this reason we will be introducing several changes in the organization, in the way we do business and the way we relate to our customers,” said Maximillian G. Kon, CEO and Managing Director of WisePlant.

About WisePlant: A WiseGroup Company

From our locations throughout South America and its U.S. headquarters in Pompano Beach, Florida, WisePlant provides technology solutions to all industry segments. Our areas of action and portfolio of solutions and services include process measurement, safe automation, safe energy, industrial cybersecurity, functional safety, intrinsic safety, worker safety and asset safety with many years of experience in multidisciplinary projects.

About the author: Eduardo Kando Verified Member WiseGroup Manager

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