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Certified Independent Consultants in Industrial Cybersecurity

We have created a program for independent consultants who are dedicated to Industrial Cybersecurity and wish to be part of the group of consultants who are experts in international standards and certified in Zones & Conduits Manager. Whenever a Certified System Integrator needs access to qualified and certified resources, we will be able to make available our base of recommended certified consultants. In addition, independent consultants from our base are supported by WisePlant. The consultants will receive technical support and guidance during the provision of services. Once the consultant has satisfactorily approved the corresponding courses will be incorporated into the list of Certified Consultants. The contracts will be developed independently between the system integrator (party that demands the service) and the consultant. WisePlant Group LLC does not receive any participation in such agreement.

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[heading subtitle=”How to enter the list of certified consultants?” size=”2″ heading_class=”style-3″ heading_style=”divider-lg”]Steps to follow[/heading][timeline][timeline_item year=”Step 1″ title=”Complete the Form”]You must apply for the position that best suits your possibilities by completing the form with the personal data and professional history. If you do not have all the required competences, knowledge and skills, do not be discouraged, you still have a chance. [/timeline_item][timeline_item year=”Step 2″ title=”Personal interview”] We analyze your data and will contact you. to develop a personal interview. During the personal interview we will evaluate opportunities and agree on a training, certification and professional coaching plan. [/timeline_item][timeline_item year=”Step 3″ title=”Sign Consulting Agreement”] Once we have agreed on the objectives and activities to be carried out and their dates of realization, we will proceed to the signing of a consulting agreement. The consulting agreement does not require exclusivity, however, a commitment must be assumed between the parties. [/timeline_item][timeline_item year=”Step 4″ title=”Vocational Training Courses”] Attend the minimum necessary courses agreed as part of the competency development, certification and advisory plan. WisePlant will provide free of charge the training and professional certification courses on the ZCM system. Professional training and certification courses in the international standards of ISA/IEC-62443 are still paid. However, there is a possibility that ISA courses will be funded. [/timeline_item][timeline_item year=”Step 5″ title=”Enter list of certified consultants”] Once the minimum planned activities have been completed, we incorporate your contact details into the list of recommended consultants. The list of certified consultants is not public. It is a private and confidential list of restricted access to: active client end users, and WisePlant certified system integrators. [/timeline_item][/timeline]
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