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Myths and Truths in Industrial Cybersecurity – 16 Sep 2021

There are many myths around industrial cybersecurity, beliefs that have been generated in collective thinking by mistake, lack of knowledge, lack of experience, lack of information, and even disinformation. Cybersecurity is an industrial risk management discipline and as such relies heavily on knowledge and experience. Every company and every professional requires going through a process of learning and maturity in the subject to master it, even if it is little by little. Some of the most common myths are:

  1. Our industrial systems are not connected to the Internet.
  2. Security systems are going to protect us.
  3. Hackers understand us as the technologies of control systems.
  4. Our plant is not a target of hackers.
  5. Our industrial systems are behind a firewall.

Myths cause wrong decisions to be made when dealing with industrial cybersecurity. How many myths are there? What other myths do you know? We will try to demystify those beliefs or doubts that exist in the community through a question-and-answer event. For this, we have invited a group of panelists with practical experience in the industry to generate that dialogue that means finding answers. They will not be absolute answers, but we are sure that they will help on that path to understanding industrial cybersecurity.

On September 16, 2021, the group of guests openly talked about the questions that visitors were asking, taking the course of the meeting with a significant number of questions and concerns that are otherwise interesting.

A number of 70 visitors were asking questions for more than an hour and a half. Had the event continued, the questions and debate would have continued for a good additional time.

Event recording is not available. This was the first edition of a different event format where we seek that visitors and guests be the protagonists without prepared scripts and without commercial purposes. The result has been very positive. We are analyzing how we are going to continue with the next editions.

About the author: Eduardo Kando Verified Member WiseGroup Manager

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