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About us: WisePlant Group LLC

Established in February 2012, WisePlant SA was an Argentinean enterprise based in Buenos Aires. It was initiated by a cohort of entrepreneurs aspiring to bring about a significant change. Our dedication was in controlling the import process of process control instrumentation within the country. We also envision a future incorporating industrial cybersecurity, serving as a complementary business. The company started its first investments into workers safety and security. Due to Argentina’s economic crisis, the company needed to look for new business opportunities.

In 2015, the company underwent a management revamp and welcomed new business investors. This transformation sparked an initiative to explore new markets. Consequently, they expanded their business operations into neighboring countries including Uruguay, Chile, and Brazil. A year later, also started operations in Colombia.

In the middle of 2018, the primary stakeholders of the company made a pivotal decision. They chose to relocate the headquarters from Montevideo, situated in Uruguay, to the United States of America. Currently stationed in South Florida, this strategic relocation fostered expansion and steady advancement. However, the pandemic once again threatened the company’s stability.

Affected by the extremely large lockdowns, In 2020 a complete downsizing and business reengineering was required. The local offices in South American countries were formerly closed. The product business distribution and local importation was terminated. The company is now 100% focused into industrial cybersecurity and safety.

WisePlant Group LLC, has three main business divisions. These are WisePlant, WiseCourses, and WiseSecurity.

About Us: WisePlant Group LLC - Smart, Safe & Secure 2

We develop and provide solutions for industrial safety, security and Cybersecurity.

About Us: WisePlant Group LLC - Smart, Safe & Secure 3

We develop training courses and provide professional certification programs.

About Us: WisePlant Group LLC - Smart, Safe & Secure 4

We provide specialized industrial safety, security and cybersecurity services.

The WisePlant Brand

The WisePlant Brand

The WisePlant Brand Meaning


For over twenty years, industrial systems have been integrating information technologies. This has commenced a process of convergence, merging corporate and production networks. This has been happening since the appearance of Windows 3.11, Windows NT and the incorporation of Ethernet TCP / IP in industrial communications, the creation of OPC (OLE for Process Control). These are clear examples of a reality that changed the paradigm of the islands of information forever.

Since the advent of Stuxnet, there has been an astronomical surge in interest. Concurrently, the number of threats capable of infiltrating industrial systems has also dramatically increased. In the past decade, Information Security (IT) firms have pivoted towards Operational Security (OT). Their objective is to diversify their businesses. To achieve this, they offer an extensive array of services. Additionally, they provide a plethora of products and tools. These are so varied and numerous that listing them all would be challenging.

However, the information security approach for industrial plants is insufficient and misguided, creating a false expectation of security. Information security primarily focuses on safeguarding cyber components from escalating threats posed by various actors such as entities, hackers, or criminal organizations. On the other hand, industrial cybersecurity prioritizes protecting the receivers of risk, including people, environments, and machines, from cyber-threats. In the production sector, also known as OT, the acceptance of cyber risks is considerably lower. This situation contrasts with what is observed in the field of information technology or IT.

Having spent numerous years contributing to the creation and execution of the ISA/IEC-62443 series of standards in industrial settings. It has been noted that the solutions offered by IT security professionals are insufficient. They fall short in addressing the issue of cybersecurity, particularly in operations and production. We decided to create a unique system – from a blank sheet of paper – that meets all the requirements of the ISA/IEC-62443 series of standards and other popular regulations. We created Zones & Conduits Manager System (ZCM).

Kind regards

Maximillian G. Kon, CEO

Maximillian Kon

WisePlant is deeply committed to our clients’ industrial cybersecurity. This commitment is a significant part of our information security policy. We also prioritize confidentiality and protection against social engineering. Therefore, we have adopted a policy of non-disclosure. Even the names of our clients are kept strictly confidential. Customer information is provided only with prior authorization and in the form of references.


WisePlant turns 10!

February 28, 2022
Today marks 10 years of WisePlant, in our first decade as an independent company, We have strengthened our position in the different disciplines of industrial security, and especially in cybersecurity for industrial applications, in sectors such as energy, oil, gas, continuous manufacturing in general, batch manufacturing and industrial discrete processes.

Thanks a lot! Welcome 2021

February 26, 2021
Especially during the second half of 2020 it has been very difficult to stay active, the months of isolation, the presence of the pandemic, social responsibility, obligations, commitments, and individual needs, absolutely everything was and continues to be under threat, pressure and stress.

Manage, evaluate, and deploy ISA/IEC-62443 like an expert

October 23, 2020
The new training courses 2150, 2160, 2161, and 2162 are dedicated exclusively and primarily to implementation and compliance, with the ZCM system developed by WisePlant Group LLC. Users are able to begin implementation and begin to comply immediately and without delay with all the requirements of the ISA/IEC-62443 series of standards.

We have started a reengineering of WisePlant Group

August 3, 2020
Last June 2020, motivated and driven by the circumstances that continue to affect the whole world, the managers have made a strategic business decision. Several of the solutions and services that they had been offering and providing successfully, were greatly affected by the crisis generated as a result of COVID-19.

COVID-19: Action Plan with Responsibility

May 28, 2020
To our employees, customers, shareholders and the public we serve. In light of developments related to COVID-19, we would like to say first that our thoughts are with those affected by the virus around the world. In response to the pandemic, WisePlant stands ready to serve people during these uncertain times, and we are committed […]

ARPEL and WisePlant sign cooperation agreement to promote the strengthening of cybersecurity in the energy sector in Latin America and the Caribbean

August 20, 2019
ARPEL (Regional Association of Companies in the Oil, Gas and Bio-fuels Sector in Latin America and the Caribbean) recently signed a memorandum of cooperation with WisePlant Group, with the aim of jointly promoting projects, studies, events and courses related to cybersecurity in critical infrastructures, in the search to make the most of the strengths of each one for the benefit of this issue that every day has more relevance in the oil industry and gas.